Why do cross-border electricity traders have to read books?

Date: 2018-05-07
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The United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization in 1995 set on April 23, to the world book and copyright day, its purpose is to make the "reading become an indispensable part of people's life," this day has also become important moments advocating and promoting the nationwide reading.

Today while we are reading the world, let's talk about something different in peace.

We all know that as sellers of cross-border e-commerce, we get up earlier than chickens and sleep later than dogs.

The only thing you want to do after work is sleep, sleep and sleep...

It is difficult to read a book in such a situation, which is to turn over the public number, brush the micro-blog, and listen to audio books.

However, with the rapid development of technology, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, blockchain...

All kinds of new things are emerging, the established cognitive framework is constantly broken, and almost everyone lives in great uncertainty.

"I won all the competitors, but lost to The Times!"


In his speech, he made a heartfelt statement: "when the time has abandoned you, I will not even say goodbye to you."

After the motorcycle purchase, many people who don't know how to spread the word "your peers are abandoning you".

There are all kinds of online jokes, your opponents are reading, better than you, and you are working harder than you;


Every upwardly, worried that they couldn't keep up with times, worry about lagging behind the others, this kind of anxiety to make people eager to quickly absorb "dry", quick promotion, hurry up to make money, hurry to lose weight, get the United States, so almost fanatically started learning, and started to buy various types of paid courses, but it seemed after learning effect.

This deepens the anxiety.

In the present, we need to slow down, return to the beginning, re-examine the meaning of reading, and find effective ways to learn.

Why study?

It is a commonplace topic, and many people have had a good opinion of it, and there seems to be nothing to talk about.

In fact, it is important to understand why reading is important.

A lot of people have not been able to keep reading one of the important reasons is that expectations are too high, they embrace enthusiastically started school at the beginning, but set the reading tomorrow today can make a lot of money so that unreasonable expectations, once the actual effect is not as good as expected, began to doubt whether useful reading, reading enthusiasm is greatly reduced, or even give up to continue reading.

Why do cross-border e-commerce companies have to read?

Become friends with yourself.

Goethe said, "to read a good book is to talk to many noble men."

"When we first read a good book, we felt as if we had found a good friend," voltaire said.

When we read the book over and over again, we felt like we were reunited with our old friends.

There will always be a lot of peace or solitude or hard times in life, and those who love to read will never let the years go by, and they will always fill the day.

A person who loves reading can be the fastest in the world when he is lonely and depressed.

Or let's put it another way, the reader can become friends with himself, and his life will not be lonely and dreary.

Break through cognitive barriers and escape mediocrity.

The Internet is naturally open, transparent and decentralised, but as the Internet continues to evolve, it will also shape the cognitive barriers we don't know about.

The Internet will make the world together, therefore become more equal and open world, but because of the limitations of human nature, the Internet a lot of times to divide people into small fragments of small tribes.

The Internet, while bringing freedom and openness, has also deepened our prejudice and estrangement, and we are likely to become a frog in the bottom of the well.

At the bottom of the well, we see the same small world, thinking in almost the same way, and we think the world is like that.

In the era of centralized public media, it is possible to draw everyone on a starting line. For example, whether you like it or not, you can only watch the news broadcast at 7 o 'clock every night.

Today all of these public discourse systems are gone, and everything is fragmented.

With the development of the Internet, its service is becoming more and more personalized, and it will be good for you to prepare what you want to see.

Everyone sees a piece of information that he would like to see, which is the phenomenon of the Internet echo wall.

While the Internet is breaking down barriers to information, it is also creating new tribal barriers that turn us into narrow-mindedness.

This is perhaps the biggest paradox of the Internet.

Once you fall into a self-aware cognitive barrier, mediocre people are likely to remain mediocre.

One way to break this cycle is to strengthen communication with different types of people. Another way is to look at different types of good books.

The former can only be done by a few, but the latter has no barriers or barriers for everyone.

In the age of information explosion and information fragmentation, reading has become the most effective way of self-breakthrough, even the only way for individuals to escape from mediocrity.

And, of course, we're going to jump out of the comfort zone and look at some of the classic books that haven't been so focused or even interesting.

Reading is a state of life.

If a person is still reading regularly, it shows that she has the motivation to learn, and she is consciously promoting herself, as well as the possibility of self-evolution.

A continuous reader must be constantly ascending;

A society that is widely read will certainly continue to be better.

In many cases, we give too much meaning to reading, and we place too much expectation on it. In fact, reading itself should be a part of life, and we do not need to give too much utilitarian value.

Reading itself is part of our good life.

There is nothing magical about reading, but continuous reading can have a magical effect. Continuous reading will make us improve every day and make our life a little better every day.

Why do cross-border e-commerce companies have to read?

You understand the importance of reading, so start doing it.

The best way to read a book is to act only to make sense!


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