Will the giant big seller's self-built stations be the next outlet for cross-border e-commerce?

Date: 2018-05-07
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Anker website

Yesterday Anker posted its first-quarter results, with revenues of $926 million and total assets of $1.577 billion.

Most senior leaders of cross-border e-commerce know that the giant has not only played a good game, but also generated a lot of revenue from independent brands.

Now for more independent station pick up voice out, except for the third party platform competition is intense, recently, Google, Facebook, bing foreign giants, such as in China, including the site layout of cross-border electronic commercial business, and many cross-border electricity business mogul sellers also said, will intensify the website building channels development in the future.

Familiar with cross-border electricity producers should know, since the establishment, around 2006 experienced flowers boom, and destruction to the "disappeared" in recent years, but in the recent giant layout on the power of enterprise, industry trends, seemed to smell the site signs of recovery.

The rise and fall of the era of self-construction.

"From 2006 to 2012, this is the heyday of China's development."

"Said John, a veteran seller of the site.

Since 2006, such as big as our, DX, lanting collection of potential led a large number of the site, have sprung up in the domestic market, basic every company can do are flawed, and this kind of "grand" by the end of 2012, the change of the "type" precipice, in many people's impression, who can call a big since the establishment of the slowly faded.

"Any industry that can get in ahead of time can enjoy the dividends of the whole industry, and so is the self-construction site.

But after the 2006-2012 years of precipitation, the establishment of the since the competition in the market to mature, the rising cost of traffic makes industry admittance threshold is higher and higher, you feel is the decline of the whole industry, it is industry into a more accurate and stable development, such as LAN pavilion, of royal, Shein large since the establishment or development is very good, just on the river's lake information about them, the industry is less prosperous than before."

John is introduced.

The rise in traffic costs and the lag in business models are the main reasons for the "less high profile" since the construction of the site in 2012.

For the majority of cross-border e-commerce practitioners, the most essential feature of the trend is that they will go wherever there are low-cost traffic entrances, says John.

Once upon a time, in the sales should rely on SEO, advertising methods such as drainage, and after 2012, such as amazon, eBay and speed to sell through the rise of more sellers, found that on the third-party platform can get more traffic at a lower cost, then appeared the phenomenon of a large number of sellers to platform.

Besides, first start since the establishment, is suffused with supply chain, at millions of a huge number of SKU on goods, the web traffic through SEO, advertisement, transaction, and this kind of mode is no longer suitable for the current market environment and consumer spending habits, nature will be eliminated by the market.

The recovery from the construction station, the thunderstorm is small.

Referring to the recent "warming" of self-construction sites, John believes that this is another cycle of cross-border e-commerce.

Beginning in 2012, the market mainstream sellers flee from site, turned towards the platform, but after years of market competition, elimination, precipitation, the development of the platform also entered the bottleneck period, platform sellers flow also face rising costs, inventory, cash flow pressure, and other issues.

If the seller of the platform in accordance with the high, medium and low three price range, the low price range, brought together more than 70% of the seller, no profit, but face the biggest pressure of competition, theory of human nature, nature will make this part of the sellers want to find another way out.

In addition, due to the recent changes in the rules of the major platforms, more and more platform sellers will miss the "self-built era" of the past.

John, for example: "in the amazon, for example, at the end of last year the adjustment of the platform algorithm, lead to the seller a lot of unsold inventory, plus the FBA mode, sellers have no cash on hand, money has become the goods, so a lot of people are beginning to miss the site domestic straight pattern, can at least see cash flow;

Of course, there are many sellers who choose to explore new platforms and small platforms for new opportunities, but in essence, as long as the platform has boundaries.

And electronic business practitioners, cross-border jump into small platform, from big platform jumping basically or original these people, until he be taken all the flow of small platform, again want to get the order, and will be hard.

Compared with that, the market boundary of self-construction site is relatively broad, and it is not easy to create a confrontation in a narrow space.


It is because the operating pressure in platform makes more and more cross-border electricity business practitioners began calling for "return to the site," John thought since the site recovery trend do exist, but the industry is only called for more, "thunder, little rain" true into practice is very few.

"In a variety of cross-border electricity business meetings, BBS, involves the web plate, there will be some big coffee or the opinions of the industry leaders will introduce you to the site, the original possibly for everybody to widen our sight and playing chicken blood, but after listening to the introduction, chicken blood didn't play that has become a hit."

John said, "old" to do since the site started as a large coffee, opinion leaders, their success and growth is in the website "1.0" (2006-2012), so they can promote thoughts also stay on the site 1.0 stage -- "the high threshold, since the early burn a lot of money, to do the site need powerful resources" and so on the propaganda, are made in the establishment of the willingness to try the original seller, retreat back down.

John said: "in fact, a lot of people want to do now since the site, but can suffer from no one around to give to them enough in the right direction, advice, or will be affected by some opinion leaders from the influence of the thinking of web 1.0, for the establishment of the now since the development, operation greatly misjudgment.

Also is not to say that industry higher-ups, opinion leaders share content is wrong, but because they experience more precipitation is based on the past, or what they stood now reach the height of the see, is not suitable for the current of the public.

But the thinking of industry opinion leaders has not changed, and it is difficult to guide the public to implement these things.

Since the construction station enters the 2.0 era, it is more suitable for the development of small and medium sellers.

In many cross-border electricity producers, sellers impression since would bring money attribute, so only suitable for deep-pocketed big sellers, but John think that cognition is also stuck in the past, since the current website building mode has changed, in 2.0 since the establishment of a new play cross-border electricity is more suitable for small and medium-sized sellers.

"After the period of pain of the platform iteration, the self-built station model has changed, and the new gameplay has emerged. It is also the first attempt by individual sellers and small sellers abroad.

The characteristics of the overseas self-construction site sellers are not too much money, so this new model is also more suitable for domestic small and medium-sized sellers to try.

In contrast, if you want to develop a big MAC, you may need to follow the model of 1.0.

John said, after a dozen years of education market, the current cross-border electricity consumers, both in consumer behavior and manner has also changed, mobile terminal consumption gradually replace PC become mainstream, shopping time tend to be more fragmented, greatly reduces the time of the online consumer decision-making.

Based on such changes, the model of self-construction site should be more vertical, and the future will be better for consumers.

"We called the establishment of the current from this model 'niche model, the customers within the range of very precise, more know this group of consumer demand, can also be understood as a more accurate long tail."

About the high cost of the site traffic problem, John thought, compared with the platform of traffic cost is higher, and the establishment of the the flow can be reused, and buy traffic on the platform just a one-off, cross-border electricity sellers should pay more attention to in the flow of the input and output ratio.

"In any age, the cost of traffic is high.

A decade ago, the boom times of the construction site, people would think that the traffic cost of advertising is high, but the people who advertise at that time, now have achieved great cause.

So traffic is not just a matter of looking cheap, it's worth looking at the value, and if the $10 investment brings in a $12 profit, then the flow is not expensive.

And throughout the development of cross-border electricity, as the industry competition, traffic costs have been rising, competition is transparent, everyone in a bid to buy flow, flow platform are also encouraging sellers to buy.

Foreign media reported that 'amazon announced that advertising revenue to more than 2020 Google', also can see from this level, the future not burn flow on the platform, may be difficult to have exposure, but the traffic costs rise, is the same for all, all is fair."

John says.

In the "samsara" trend, the seller needs to change the thinking in a timely manner.

"In terms of big companies, bing and Facebook see data than general enterprise is more and more wide, the reason they started since the site layout, is certainly smell the market opportunities, through the analysis of data obtained some judgment, began to spin, also shows that since the trend of the development of the site that cannot be reversed;

From the perspective of cross-border electricity sellers, now in the market of wait-and-see period, limited by platform development bottleneck 'people wanted change, sellers into or not, has a powerful momentum going forward in pushing the site, time variable and constant but sooner or later."

John believes that the current cross-border electricity sellers also is one of the most important thinking change, if not with the change of the market in a timely manner transformation of thinking, even seize the opportunities to develop the site on time, may also be martyrs;

If we can change our thinking in a timely manner from the perspective of the market, we may live in the same group of "revolutionary comrades" to "after liberation".

John gives two Suggestions to the seller of cross-border e-commerce with the intention to develop the self-construction site:

To try.

No matter what others say, even if the opinion leaders views and Suggestions of the industry, as long as there is the basic idea, the seller itself should be bold to try, dare to break the status quo, with minimal cost to trial and error;


Learn more through various channels at home and abroad.

As long as there are problems, there will be corresponding solutions. The operation process of the self-built station is a little more complicated than the platform, so it is necessary to learn more.

Looking with the trend of the development of the industry, John said: "before the website building boom, is actually a B2B platform such as alibaba, global sources, and then from the site and platform samsara alternately, the trend of the establishment of the wave from the past, such as a business model under the industry may be thinking to platform and from site a combination of both."

John thought, has been the developing mode of cross-border electricity sellers are relatively single, knowledge is more narrow, along with the trend to go with the trend, but when everyone has experienced the B2B platform and the site, and B2C platform and from the site, the whole complete cycle, the future will be thinking about how to combine both have to get through and.

In addition, there must be other new patterns.

"Nothing lasts forever, and all existing patterns are subversive."

"History is a cycle. When you focus on online e-commerce, you should not ignore the cycle of physical retail and online e-commerce.

After the change and labor pains of the e-commerce era, the future physical retail will also make a comeback. How to break through the e-commerce and the physical retail, we also need to make bold attempts.


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