How can cross-border e-commerce become single in seconds? The cloud sells ERP systems to answer for

Date: 2018-05-07
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Words inside the foreign trade industry a seller focus as leisure men's shoes, he registered its own brand (trademark has been registered in many countries), his main foreign trade channels through independent stand selling his house web site, product prices are basically more than $100, the highest price is $160.80 and $160.80 shoes, its cost around RMB 200 and at present, the price level of shoes retail market abroad, although some cheaper than some luxury brands, but also goes civilian to change a brand is more expensive than most

Why is such a brand that nobody knows at all abroad, can sell to this price level?

The trick is to sell it for as long as you can.


In the SaaS model, the cloud - selling ERP system has its own unique advantages.

Improve the operation efficiency of the company.

For example: improve the delivery efficiency, reply to the customer email efficiency, the company management efficiency, etc.

A sku can be created to correspond to different stores.

Respond to customer emails quickly and deal with problems in sales.

Multi - store operation, anti - correlation.

Effectively avoid the operation of a person running multiple stores.

The store data can be displayed quickly on a page.

One key to switch accounts, quick view of different store data.

Statistical reports.

The traditional low efficiency EXCEL statistical model can be analyzed in real time, including daily, weekly, monthly, annual market trend and product sales.

Inventory management, adopt multi-warehouse inventory management, overseas warehouse, intelligent FBA warehouse delivery plan.

Import and export functions and open API interfaces.

Data import and export can facilitate the seller to carry out data transmission and secondary analysis at any time, which is an important right and an important attribute of a professional ERP software.

The more open function is to have open API interface to facilitate data transmission of other third-party platforms, which are the functions and attributes that are highly valued by the medium and large sellers.

Data security and historical data security backup.

Cross-border electricity ERP data fetching the cross-border each platform orders, order information (product information, attributes, buyers' data, feedback, etc) is very rich, so choose ERP platform must choose the professional and powerful (best traders do not have attributes) brand vendors.

ERP can quickly store data at the same time, for the store of goods, advertising, pushing products laid the foundation, it can analyze the past sales and a lot of dimension of index, listed company late to financing, need all the data, this review is the core elements of a.

So it would be a big plus for software vendors to keep historical data for users.

The core points of those functions need to be focused on, in fact, the market is now competitive: one is the technical team, the second is the professional team, the third is the after-sales team.

Powerful products tend to have a strong brand.

Cloud is a best-selling domestic ERP front-end development enterprise in guangzhou Internet information technology co., LTD., a subsidiary of a cloud service management system, and guangzhou Internet information technology co., LTD. Is a high and new science and technology co., LTD.

It originated from the core technology information science and technology base - silicon valley in the United States, the company founder is apple computer, a former senior manager, for electric business platform, like amazon and eBay system more professional, more original.

China has thousands of businesses and products successfully into the global market as a mission and development goals, including the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Spain and other network shopping consumption power.


Can make a smart like cloud best-selling business management system, through technology, would be a perfect butt joint of electrical business operation of each link to realize intelligent electric shop shop management, including product information management, product uploaded to electric business platform, order management, warehouse inventory and logistics management, customer relationship management (CRM), electric dealer market marketing and so on.

And has perfect marketing team, and provide each customer with professional marketing manager and after sales customer service around the clock to 1 2 services, and provide free for every business and professional product photos, product sku data creation and so on a series of value-added services.

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