What are the influencing factors of LED quality?

Date: 2018-05-22
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Most lighting designers believe that the quality of all LED products is the same, and only a small part of these manufacturers can produce high-quality LEDs. For applications that are only used as simple indications, low-quality LEDs are sufficient to meet the requirements. However, high-quality LEDs must be used in many areas that require consistency, reliability, solid state instructions, or lighting, especially in harsh environments such as highways, military/aviation, and industrial applications.
In environments such as the New York subway station, safety requirements are very harsh, and LEDs must meet the basic requirements of high quality.
What are the factors that distinguish the quality of LEDs? How to tell the difference between the two LEDs? In fact, selecting high-quality LEDs can start from the chip until the assembly is completed. There are many factors to consider during this period. Tier-OneLED manufacturing companies can produce excellent, consistent wafers starting with high-quality LED manufacturing materials


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