The 5 main details of the development of LED drive power supply

Date: 2018-05-22
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1. Technical operating engineers who produce and sell companies that assemble LED lighting and LED-related products do not know enough about switch power supplies and LED drive power supplies. Ordinary power supplies that are usually made can work normally, but some key assessments and electromagnetic compatibility considerations are not enough. There are still potential hidden dangers;
2. Most LED power production companies have transformed from ordinary switching power supplies to LED power supplies, and there is not enough understanding of the characteristics and use of LEDs;
3. At present, there are almost no standards for LEDs, and most of them are standards for reference switch power supplies and electronic rectifiers;
4. Most LED power supplies are not uniform now, so most of them are relatively small. The purchase volume is small, the price is high, and the component supplier is not very cooperative;
5. Stability of LED power supply: wide voltage input, high temperature and low temperature work, over-temperature, over-pressure protection and other issues have not been solved one by one;

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