What are the areas where the LED display can be used

Date: 2013-11-29
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What areas are used for LED display: The backlight of LED display is one of the most widely used areas in the county. It accounts for 40 or more of its applications. The large screen display is mainly used in public places such as airports, stations, ports, securities trading halls, financial institutions, sports venues, exhibitions, shopping centers, dispatch and command centers, advertising media, etc., and displays various types of text, graphics, and digital information on the screen. For information distribution, advertising, news coverage, and cultural entertainment.
As an advertising campaign, because the image screen can display images of activities day and night, its effect is far better than neon billboards. The large screen installed in the waiting room is mainly used to publish the arrival time of the train and the dynamic information of the aircraft flight. In the middle, advertisements and news reports can also be inserted.
Using large screens at stadiums and racecourses, how low the LED display costs can be transmitted in time for viewers away from the stadium



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