The market is now flooded with colored flooring, which is why the Chinese flooring industry is unhea

Date: 2018-05-10
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Refused to color the floor

Today, the market is flooded with color flooring. This is the reason why the Chinese flooring industry is unhealthy. First, everyone fights for prices, there is no profit, and when it comes to the quality of the floor, many businesses have used the later repair boards. In order to make you not see that it is a repaired board, only the surface of the board is colored, and the good ones are also colored in the groove and the back, so that you can't see that it is a coloring board, and the color difference is small and the board is beautiful. However, after the flooring is done, after a while, due to the fact that the surface is repaired, there will be various problems such as cracking, blasting paint, and if you polish and repair, it will also cause the color to fall off. So choose this color flooring, we can leave a heart.

Grooves and thickness

        These two points are also crucial. As you all know, the standard thickness of the floor should be 18mm, but there are a lot of 17.5 mm floors on the market, but I'm not saying that the difference of 0.5 mm floor effect will be affected. The key is that the 17.5 mm floor is mostly made of a plate or a curved plate that is not thick enough, and the curved plate is mostly poorly dried or the stress problem is not solved. Such a floor is dangerous, and its problems will be displayed after paving. The performance is arched, corrugated, etc., and the length of the slot is another way for the manufacturer to cut corners. Since the surface area is calculated by the width and length of the plate surface, the shorter the tank mouth of the manufacturer, the wider the plate surface will be., so, He implicitly reduced the cost, and he did so, causing damage to the consumer again, the floor grooves are short, easy to produce a sound, the floor will step on the squeak.

There are roughly two kinds of paint on the floor market: PU paint and UV paint. When purchasing the floor, you must ask for the type of paint. Do not buy PU paint floor. It is extremely environmentally friendly. Its benzene and formaldehyde releases are very high and the paint life is very short. In Europe and the United States, UV paint has been banned for a long time. As for UV paint, it is divided into two types. One is to paint UV paint on ordinary bright surfaces, and the other is to roll UV paint(ultra-wearable paint advertised by some factories). The paint needs to be often waxed. The paint life is generally 2 to 3 years(calculated by the greater effect of degradation) and the roll coating is only another process of UV paint. It is generally a matte effect and the surface is a hemp surface. As for the super-wear resistance of paint, aluminum oxide powder is generally added to the paint. This is an important point to distinguish between ordinary roller paint and ultra-wear paint. This point should be noted by the manufacturer on the sales list.


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