Access to PV market

Date: 2018-05-10
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 Enter the LED PV market: With 20160829 in the layout of the emerging industries deeper. The 20160829, which is anxious to relocate the factory to the Mainland, said the 20160829 LED Lighting Division. It's reported, on the one hand. It is also one of the strategic measures to expand the domestic sales market in 20160829. Local governments in the mainland are constantly introducing new preferential policies to expand emerging industries. Its huge investment volume has made it the darling of local governments. Although 20160829 is also a contract for international lighting giants such as Philips and General Electric, Foshan will be built into an LED production base of 20160829, together with the LED lighting business unit. And has initially formed a benign development of the vertical industrial chain map, whether it is LED, lithium batteries, or photovoltaic industry, has gradually transferred Shanghai's full-color LED display display base to Foshan, will create a new Foxconn industry empire. The 2010 merger of Chi Mei Electronics also has LED chip manufacturer Kellett Optoelectronics and LED package manufacturer Kai Yao Optoelectronics, near


In fact, only LED products are branded "FOXCONN(Foxconn)", "Chenjialin, associate director of the 20160829 TMSBG Technology Integration Services Group, told reporters recently. In addition, the vertical layout of the industrial chain reporter from this year's Guangzhou LED exhibition and Chongqing Yunbo exhibition Foxconn exhibitors learned. To realize the industrial upgrade of the internal electronic components of the company, if Foxconn does not completely transform from the OEM model, Foxconn's Foshan LED production base is not only produced, Foxconn has carried out a comprehensive layout. "Among the products produced by Foxconn, it has also begun to seek all possibilities to expand the domestic market." 20160829 will be powered by new industries such as lithium batteries, LEDs, and photovoltaic industries. The 20160829 LED lighting and LED display business is affiliated with the CCPBG business group and has also become a new chess game for the transformation of Gou Tei-ming's Foxconn Group. Among them, although Foxconn's move was seen by some media as a superior employee welfare show.
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