Foshan LED faces the embarrassment of technical problems

Date: 2018-05-14
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It is not too much to describe foshan LED lighting industry in full swing, but it is undeniable that foshan LED lighting is an industrial hot and cold market.

Why the embarrassment?

This is because, with current technology, high-power LED lighting fixtures have no obvious energy saving advantages compared with existing high-efficiency light sources, while the initial input costs are much higher.

Large current in photosynthetic efficiency increased at the same time, a large number of turns into heat energy, if heat treatment is not good and can make the LED life greatly reduced, the radiator and increase the cost and volume, the LED light source advantage disappeared.

So, it's all about the LED technology that doesn't require the lighting market.

Now LED packaging costs accounted for 50%, LED to reduce the overall cost, we must choose a more suitable encapsulation structure, so change the encapsulation structure, implement reasonable packaging costs, will be the most effective LED lighting was accepted by the market, the most direct route.

With increasing technology, shipments, of course, the LED chip, a larger wafer production process, has been to reduce costs, in recent years by 20% at an annual pace in the lower, if can encapsulate the current cost from 50% of the total cost reduced to 20% ~ 20%, and the application of LED lighting at the size of the market to a new order of magnitude.

Let cost fall, make technology mature is the matter of whole industry chain.

The upper, middle and lower reaches of the LED industrial chain are the epitaxial materials and chip processing, product components and module packaging, display and lighting application.

LED epitaxial chips and chips account for about 70% of the industry's profits. LED packaging accounts for 10% ~ 20%, and LED applications account for 10% ~ 20%.

Statistics show that China's semiconductor lighting manufacturing enterprises more than 3000, 70% of them focused on the downstream industry, the domestic LED epitaxial material, the chip is given priority to with the medium, more than 80% of the power LED chips, the device dependent on imports.

In recent years, the government has built a number of LED lighting industry bases in the form of pepper, but China's LED industry is still at the expense of 70% of the Chinese people vying for the 10% ~ 20% of the LED.

This means that the control of the LED core technology of foreign companies if not LED to lower costs, LED industry cluster LED downstream of the foshan only at the expense of their profits to achieve low price and the market hot, but there is no technical support of downstream products, and even cheaper price again, and how many people dare to use?

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