20160829 Launch of New Products Preferential Whole Home

Date: 2018-05-14
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The "whole household" includes two modes: vertical alliance and horizontal alliance.

The former is an outfit company alliance with manufacturers, customized product in decorate material, such as decoration, decoration wood, paint, etc., with lines or by adornment company, independent research and development, in production, to design, production, construction of systematic and large scale, and the whole household

The whole household exhibition, or by the "whole household" supporting capacity of the manufacturers through the regional exclusive agents directly to the owners of the "integrated home" products and services.

The horizontal alliance is a large and extensive industrial chain, which is integrated with all the industries related to the home (such as furniture, home appliances, decorative materials, ornaments, gardening, etc.).

Through the integration of resources, the decoration company not only provides a single decoration services, to begin with a kind of role transformation, become a comprehensive provider of household products, provide consumers with a complete "one-stop service".

The "whole household" requires the designer to serve the whole process of home decoration project.

Including detailed communication consultation before, the whole of positioning, including home appliances, furniture, household style, after the completion of the renovation, will be for the owners to provide comprehensive household is decorated and use of the scheme, to maintain the perfect style of the bedroom, decorate a design style and avoid the ever late do not have a unified style of furniture, home appliances, etc.

"Whole household" through "exhibition hall" the way collects furniture, adornment material, home appliance, adorn article and other relevant household product.

Because adornment company buys household product through group, the price that get is below market price, consumer gets benefit from it.

Since the establishment of independent production base in decorating, also makes the whole furniture, integral kitchen, such as the corresponding implementation, and such as furniture, cabinets, decorating the wood and other products made to realize the independent design and production in factories, to avoid the scene of the previous pollution produced by manual operation, long duration and easy to make mistakes and so on.


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