Prepare for the market season. Display companies are showing off.

Date: 2018-05-14
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The market for led displays in foshan is in full swing this year, compared with the chill in the traditional lighting market.

Thanks to the national energy conservation and emission reduction and national large-scale lighting project, the LED has officially entered the fast lane in the last two years.

Especially this year, due to the impact of the national macroeconomic and production costs, many enterprises have stepped up their efforts to mount and promote LED projects.

In order to grasp the opportunity of the traditional peak season, LED enterprises or to carry out channel construction, or push new products, or do market promotion, in advance to lay out a hundred billion yuan market.

Mainstream brand layout channels.

LED enterprises should not attract investment, how to attract investment has become a problem for the majority of LED enterprises.

Compared with traditional lighting products, LED lighting products are difficult to enter traditional channels due to high price and low penetration rate.

Especially in shenzhen, most of the LED enterprises are export-oriented, and the domestic channels are blank.

According to relevant data, the annual output value of LED in China has reached 120 billion yuan in 2010, and the overall scale of the downstream application area has reached 90 billion yuan.

Some experts predict that the output value of LED application products will reach 400 billion to 500 billion yuan by 2015.

Facing the huge LED application market, it is very difficult for enterprises to grab more market share by their own power, and the channel construction is imminent

Foshan 20160829 to build channels for 90 million yuan.

LED display as the main force of 20160829 to foshan after entering the LED lighting market, live in the field of engineering lighting, but unlike other foshan LED display other enterprises, foshan days technology has been too little in terms of channel.

However, recently, foshan ruitian technology has taken a substantial step in channel construction.

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