51 enterprises in Hunan became the first trials of cross-border e-commerce

Date: 2018-05-07
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Xiaoxiang morning newspaper changsha news reporter from the provincial business office to learn, hunan development open economy leading group office recently announced the first batch of hunan province cross-border e-commerce pilot enterprises list.

Hunan Jin Xia cross-border e-commerce services co., LTD., enke innovation of science and technology co., LTD., hunan a da tong enterprise service co., LTD., hunan friends o cloud business network co., LTD., 51 companies such as become pilot the first cross-border electricity enterprises in hunan province.

The first 51 enterprises are all changsha enterprises.

In recent years, changsha has actively adopted relevant policies to support cross-border e-commerce enterprises.

The project of cross-border e-commerce in changsha is introduced, and the support strength and key direction of cross-border e-commerce are clarified.

At the same time, changsha cross-border e-commerce has undergone several rounds of shuffling, and now it has formed the leading enterprises such as dantong, anke innovation and friends' overseas shopping.


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